Eagle Scout Projects
Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon is a wonderful outdoor education facility to local schools.  However developing programs and creative activities for the different elementary and secondary level requires funds and hard work.  As our funds are limited, we made an effort to open the facility for Eagle Scout Projects.  Scouts who want to achieve Eagle Scout status are required to plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project.  Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon is an ideal place for this.  Below are links to the various projects that we have sponsored already.


Justin Khoury Troop Raised Garden Beds for Tule Ponds Butterfly Sanctuary
Rishi Chandrasekar Troop Restoring Benches in Butterfly Meadow and Nursery area (complete   )
Rishabh Sen Troop 103 Garden Beds in Butterfly Meadow
Saahith Veeramaneni Troop  Clearing trail on East Side of Tyson Lagoon


Yash Sahni Troop 152  Building Picnic benches for Educational  areas (complete April, 2023) 
Dominic Xavier Troop 176  Building Planter Boxes behind Bird Blind (complete May, 2023)
Khang Doan Troop 176 Retaining Wall for top Trail over inflow pipes (complete June, 2023)
Ayush Kansal   Troop 199 Building Planter Boxes overlooking Tyson Lagoon  (complete June, 2023)
Alfred Ukudeev-Freeman Troop 273 Short Documentary on Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon (complete September, 2023)
Derek Zhang Troop 155  Planter boxes for erosion and flowers (complete September, 2023)
Hardik Gupta Troop 154 Planter boxes on fault trail overlooking Tyson Lagoon (complete October, 2023)
Orion Olmsted Troop 112 Stairs to BART Trail to prevent erosion (complete November, 2023)


Surya Ilango  Troop 132   Designing a trail in Seasonal Wetland near Pond A (complete, February, 2022)
Justin Parker Troop  269  Building Shed for Tools on side of Classroom (complete, February, 2022)
Nathan Kuriakose Troop 154  Stairs to Canopy Area (complete February, 2022)
Jeet Majumdar Troop 154 Erosion control between Pond C and Tyson Lagoon (complete (March, 2022)
Gautham Ramshankar Troop 103   Stairs along Walnut side of BART Trail (complete April, 2022)
Bhargav Teja Cherukuri Troop 154 Landscaping at first bridge (complete May, 2022)
Sparsh Bansai Troop 152  Building a Double Decker Retaining Wall behind Classroom (complete June, 2022)
Daniel Pulikkottil Troop 103 Retaining wall to prevent Erosion along BART Trail  (complete September 2022)
Ishaan Garg Troop 199 Retaining wall to prevent Erosion along BART Trail (complete September 2022)
Jeevanram Srinivasan Troop 154 Retaining Wall on BART Trail near Earthquake fault (complete September, 2022)
Parth Mehta Troop 154  Making a cover for wheelbarrows  (complete September 2022)
Tanmay Garg Troop 152 Prevent Erosion behind Classroom (complete October, 2022)
Prakrit Ramachandran Troop 125 Retaining Wall to Prevent Erosion on BART Jungle Trail  (complete October, 2022)
Nikhil Nagboth Troop 273 Installing Stairs in Butterfly Meadow South (complete, December, 2022)
Sattvik Kurani Troop 176 Designing Planter on Steep Slope in South Butterfly Meadow (complete, December, 2022)


Tristan Nguyen Troop  101  Retaining wall along Ohlone Village Path  (complete January, 2021)
Nikhil Dhomse Troop  153   Picnic benches for Educational areas (complete, March,2021)
Vishwa Iyer Troop  273   Landscaping and removing non natives along high road (complete April, 2021)
Ojasw Upadhyay Troop  154   Designing and building moveable benches (complete, April, 2021)
Joline Edwards Troop 220   Building Planters in Butterfly South    (complete, April, 2021)
Murari Ganesan Troop  273  Fixing Tools and Tool Drive (complete, April, 2021)
Ansh Luthra Troop 273  Erosion control above creek (complete, April, 2021)
Soumay Garg Troop 152  Retaining Wall above inflow storm drains on Walnut (complete May, 2021)
Rajeev Bommana Troop 154   Stairs and retaining wall above Storm Drain (Walnut) (complete June, 2021)
Sujal Bobba Troop 152  Retaining Wall in southend of Tyson Lagoon (complete July, 2021)
Pranav Gona Troop 154    Trail on West side of Pond B (complete July, 2021)
Lakshay Soin Troop 125   Building Moveable Benches (complete September, 2021)
Rohit Mandel Troop 154  Retaining wall  along back BART Trail (complete September,2021)
Kaushal Vaddadhi Troop  132   New Trail above Pond B (from Bridge to upper Trail)  (complete September, 2021)
Akhilesh Basetty Troop  125   Building Grain storage boxes/benches  (complete September, 2021)
Ritika Putta  Troop  220  Designing habitat for Raccoons, Opossums and Cats (complete September, 2021)
Nikhil Dewitt  Troop 199  Clearing a Trail along Creek behind Tule House (complete September, 2021)
Raj Nawal  Troop 449   Retaining wall and stairs for Walnut Ave Upper Trail  (complete November, 2021)
Hsien-Chang Chiu  Troop 468   Planters in Butterfly Garden (complete, November, 2021)


Pranav Kumar Troop 125  Retaining wall near BART entrance  (complete January, 2020)
Amogh Maddileti Troop  154  Pole retaining wall near Bird Blind  (complete February, 2020)
Vishwas Nawal Troop 449  Creating a Trail along Tyson Lagoon (near Pond C) (complete March,2020)
Akshay Gona Troop 154  Planter boxes under Arroyo Willows Picnic Area (complete March, 2020)
Ethan O'Neil Troop 154  Installing Pond in Butterfly Meadow (complete June 2020)
Nitin Srinivasa Troop 447  Trail with retaining wall near back creek (complete September, 2020)
Jonathan Moriwaki Troop 154  Erosional control along Stairs going to Pond C (complete September, 2020)
Jean-Luc Herrera Troop 273  Installing larger Pond under Walnut Ave Pergola  (complete September, 2020)
Adithya Palle  Troop 110  Building a Tule Hut (complete September, 2020)
Eric Lambruschini Troop 176   Stairs in Butterfly Meadow South (complete September 2020)
Sophia Petrova Troop 220   Making a Tule Boat  (complete October, 2020)
Nirmal Senthilkumar Troop 153   Building Feral Cat, Raccoon and Opossum Shelters (complete October, 2020) 
Tarun Anupindi Troop 111   Installing Pond in Butterfly Nursery  (complete November, 2020)
Arnav Ubgabe Troop  132   Building Planter Tables (complete November, 2020)
Mrinaal Ramachandran  Troop  125  Retaining wall and stairs along BART Trail near Walnut Ave (complete, December, 2020)


Arvind Jayaraman Troop  153 Retaining wall at Station 6 (complete February, 2019)
Akhilesh Varigonda  Troop 154  Making a Platform and Benches for Pergola   (complete, March, 2019)
Rajendra Goudar Troop 273 Retaining Wall on trail from Station 4 to Stairs (complete May, 2019)
Arnav Aggarwal Troop 199  Retaining wall to raise trail near Seasonal Wetland  (complete, June,2019)
Glenn Rees Troop 269  Continuation of Retaining Wall Station 6 (complete, June,2019)
Winston Wu Troop 103  Creating a new Trail from Canopy to Seasonal Wetland  (complete, June,2019)
Shreyas Arora Troop 125  Flower Planters near Building  (complete, September, 2019)
Bailey Autenreith Troop 110  Building stairs above Seasonal Wetlands  (complete, September, 2019)
Vittal Thirumalai Troop 447   Retaining Wall to support trail at Birdblind  (complete, September, 2019)
Rohit Rayapaneni Troop 154  Converting a butterfly habitat to a pergola and landscaping  (complete, September, 2019)
Sahith Karra Troop  132  Clearing area to create Trail above Seasonal Wetland (Tyson Lagoon)   (complete, October, 2019)
Jeffrey Davis Troop  273   Stairs from Inactive Hayward Fault to Tyson Lagoon   (complete, October, 2019)
James Fong Troop 269  Installing Door and Shelves in Back Shed   (complete December, 2019)


Clay Walker Troop 125    Retaining wall and stairs at Station 6 (complete May, 2018)
Ananth Mahes Troop 379    Retain walls and Landscaping at entrance to Tule Ponds (complete May, 2018)
Anshul Arunachalam Troop 125    Retaining walls for plants to stop erosion facing east on Pond C  (complete September, 2018)
Arjun Malleswaran Troop 111    Retaining wall for Creek Trail  (complete September, 2018)
Adithya Vasudev Troop 199    Landscaping with Stairs near Canopy  (complete October, 2018)
Alexander Lien Troop  132    Making stairs and landscaping near Bird Blind (complete November, 2018)
Anirudh Valiveru Troop 153   Retaining Wall to prevent erosion on BART Trail (complete November, 2018) 
Blake Werner Troop 125   Making planter boxes behind classroom (complete November, 2018)


Augustine Doan Troop 101 Natural Retaining walls with landscaping facing west to Pond B (complete April, 2017)
Landon Nguyen Troop 101 Making a pergola entrance to extend butterfly meadow (complete May, 2017)
Hubert Chen Troop 112 Developing Trail in Canopy to Tyson Lagoon (complete May, 2017)
Abhay Aggarwal Troop 379 Natural Retaining wall to prevent erosion at Site 6 (complete August, 2017)
Joseph Allred Troop 111 Building a Retaining Wall to Stop Erosion above Outflow Drains (complete September, 2017)
Roanak Baviskar Troop 154 Retaining Wall along Creek (complete October, 2017)
Kavin Varadharajulu Troop 269 Extend the Maze in the Canopy area (complete, November, 2017)


Lampert Diep Troop 101 Benches for Perogola area near Nursery  (complete March, 2016)
Jason Lau Troop 111 Retaining walls and landscaping facing facing east of Pond C (complete May, 2016)
Vishal Vaddadhi Troop 132 Loop Trail in Canopy Area (complete July, 2016)
Stephen Tan Troop 111 Natural Retaining Wall alongside Creek (complete August,2016)
Brandon Lu  Troop 111 Making a Flower Bed along Fence Line in butterfly meadow (complete September, 2016)
Jerry Qin Troop 111 Retaining wall near Pond C with gravel picnic area (finished October, 2016)
Kathir Ilango Troop 132 Making a retaining wall for trail along Bart Way (finished November, 2016)



Alex Kuo Troop 153 Leveling picnic area and landscaping between parking lot and Pond C (complete August, 2015)
Akhil Bhamidipati Troop  112 Landscaping and building planter beds at Station 2  (complete September, 2015)
Shobhit Asthana Troop 153 Building Garden Benches (complete  November, 2015)
Evan Nusaputra Troop 125 Building retaining wall to bird blind and landscaping (complete, December,2015)


Sam Englese Troop 197 Making Feral Cat/Raccoon Shelters (complete January, 2014)
Thomas Colvin Troop 102 Trail between Tyson Lagoon and Inactive Fault trail (complete June, 2014)
Samast Varma Troop 379 Building a Retaining Wall to prevent Erosion (complete June, 2014)
Jerry Lin Troop 449 Sign and landscaping in Butterfly Meadow (complete, September, 2014)
James Weiland Troop 102 Erosion Control at Station 6 (complete, October,2014)
Daniel Chen Troop 449 Picnic Benches in Butterfly Meadow (complete, November, 2014)
Joseph Wiebe Troop 102 Retaining walls and Landscaping facing Pond C (complete, November, 2014)


Rohit Bose Troop 125 Making and Refurbishing Tule Entrance Signs (complete July, 2013)
Michael Hahn Troop 103 Extending Sidewalk in back of Building (complete July, 2013)
Jeffrey Zhang Troop 449 Trail Loop in Canopy  (complete September, 2013)
Ryan Teo Troop 153 Building a log retaining wall at entrance (complete September, 2013)
Saksham Gupta Troop 111 Building a Butterfly Habitat (complete September, 2013)
Akhil Ganti Troop 132 Completion of trail along east side of Tyson Lagoon (complete October, 2013)


Justin Juan Troop 111 Planter Boxes in Nursery (complete April, 2012)
Joe Chen Troop 111 Stairs and Landscaping Opposite Station 1 and 2 (complete, August, 2012)
Joshua Wong Troop 468 Building a Trail at Station 6 (complete, September, 2012)
Raghav Rajvanshy Troop 125 Stairs up Hayward Fault Scarp (complete, October, 2012)
Sean Hannah Troop 273 Construction Picnic Tables, Clearing Area, and Planting Native Trees (complete November, 2012)
Vinay Pathania Troop 199 Building a Bird Blind for Young Children (complete December, 2012)


Calvin Chen Troop 111 Stairs to Pond C from Classroom (complete January, 2011)
Jimmy Florek Troop 316 Building a Storage Shed in Butterfly Meadow (complete February, 2011)
Harrison Ching Troop 153 Retaining Wall on Inactive Fault Trail (complete February, 2011)
Justin Rawlin Troop 103 Building Stairs and Landscaping at Station 1(complete March, 2011)
Rahul Patel Troop 176 Event Gazebo in Nursery  (complete May, 2011)
Brett Breitzman Troop 132 Building a Tule Pond Sign facing BART (complete June, 2011)
Mihir Bhagat Troop  153 Loop Trail with Stairs to Pond C (complete July,2011)
Christopher Colvin Troop  102 Terracing at Station 6 (complete November, 2011)
Jimmy Guo Troop 111 Developing Signage for Plant Walk (complete, December, 2011)


Quess Liu Troop 153 Expanding pond in Butterfly Meadow (complete February, 2010)
Ashwin Khurana Troop 153 Designing and Installing Hayward Fault Signs (complete February, 2010)
Akhil Prakash Troop 153 Building Flower Planters to Beautify Front Parking Lot (complete April, 2010)
Mathew Trieu Troop  176 Trail along Tyson Lagoon at Station 6 (complete May, 2010)
Joshua Siu Troop 111 Canopy Trail, north part of Tyson Lagoon   (complete May 2010)
Andrew Lin Troop 124 Clearing Storm Drain  (North Tyson) and Making it Safe for Children (complete May, 2010)
James Howard Troop 103 Repairing Damaged Benches and Building Trellis Structure (complete June, 2010)
Abhi Nandam Troop 132 North part of Tyson Lagoon Trail  (complete June, 2010)
Rahul Sengupta Troop 111 Trail in Expanded Butterfly Meadow (complete July, 2010)
Jeffery Hsu Troop 468 Stairs along Inactive Fault Trail (complete August, 2010)
Grant Ewing Troop 102 Safety Stairs to Creek Bed (complete August, 2010)
Andrew Tran Troop 132 Creating portion of East Tyson Lagoon Trail  (complete September, 2010)
Scott K. Dentinger Troop 111  Designing Trail South end of Creek (complete September, 2010)
Adrian Jaycox Troop 111 Building an Ohlone Tule House (complete October, 2010)
Henry Wang Troop 468 Trail from Raccoon Habitat to Outflow Pond (complete, Dec, 2010)


Samuel Fennell Troop 176 Building Stairs to Creek Bed (complete January, 2009)
Paul Chen Troop 124 Trail expansion and clearing Non-natives along BART Trail (complete January, 2009)
Patrick Flynn Troop 269 Building Raised beds in Butterfly garden (complete February,2009)
Stephen Jilbert Troop 269 Removable of Blackberry to improve Habitat of Yellow-legged Frog (complete March, 2009)
Alan Nguyen Troop 654 Installing Irrigation System in Butterfly Meadow (complete March, 2009)
Akshay Nanavati Troop 111 Building bookcases for inside Educational Center (complete August, 2009)
Cody Barnes Troop  106 Blackberry Removal and Step Installation for Monitoring at Tyson Lagoon (complete May, 2009)
Mihir Jain Troop 111 Clearing Non-native plants and landscaping near Walnut Ave Storm Drain (complete August, 2009)
Eric Hsu Troop 132 Landscaping along BART Fence (complete September, 2009)
Patric Ho Troop 124 Improving trail and installing stairs near Bridge in Pond C (complete, September,2009)
Desmond Chee Troop 176 Building Stairs to Access Tyson Lagoon (completed September,2009)
Will Rich Troop 132 Clearing Water Channel to prevent Flooding near Tule Hut (complete October, 2009)
Rohun R. Patel Troop 176 Butterfly Terrace Raised Beds (complete October, 2009)
Theodore Fong Troop 111 Clearing area and Building a Retaining Wall  to increase Teaching area  (complete November, 2009)
Brian Hsu Troop 468 Building a trail below the Inactive Fault Trail (complete December, 2009)


Rick Shi Troop 124

Constructing a Path on Higher Ground (completed January, 2008)

Eric Wei Troop 468 Repairing Stairs and Planting a Tree Canopy (completed  February,2008)
Daniel Chen Troop 176 Clearing Segment  and Grading parts of BART Trail  (complete, March, 2008)
Nathan Chan Troop 448 Creating a Visitor Informational Sign near Educational Building (complete April, 2008)
David Ostler Troop 106 Stairs to Tyson Lagoon at Station 4 (complete June,2008)
Ryan Muldoon Troop 103 Designing and Installing Sign to Make Public Aware of  Trash Problem (complete July,2008)
Matt Manganaro Troop 379 Installing Irrigation Line and Landscaping Trees above Seasonal Wetlands (complete August,2008)
Jay Breitzman Troop 132 Clearing area above BART Trail and Planting Oak Trees  (complete August, 2008)
Aneesh Saha Troop 153 Stairs to Tyson Lagoon and Removal of Non Native Blackberries (complete October, 2008)
Tyler Ocon Troop 106 Clearing Non-Native Blackberries and Planting Native Trees (complete September, 2008)
Nabarun Sen Troop 111 Making signs to identify Native Trees for visitors (complete September, 2008)
Kevin Le Troop 654 Removing Non-native Blackberries along Creek bed (complete October, 2008)
David Omstead Troop 103 Raising a Trail between Pond A and B to Prevent Flooding (complete November,2008)
Kekoa Wu Troop 106 Stairs to Frog Pond in Butterfly Meadow (complete November,2008)
Venkataram Apparao Troop 132 Building a Watershed Display for use by Elementary Children (complete November, 2008)
Aaron Willis Troop 176 Observational Deck below Station 3 (complete November,2008)
Henry Wong Troop 273 Building a Higher Trail along Seasonal Wetlands (complete December, 2008)
Phi Nguyen Troop 654 Terracing and Planting Trees (complete December, 2008)


Ricky Lee Troop 273  Making a New Trail along Walnut Ave and BART (complete February, 2007)
Christopher Russett Troop 176 Making a New Trail above the Seasonal Wetland  (complete February, 2007)
Jared Mitchell Troop 269  Restoration of Turtle Island (complete April, 2007)
Tim Steele Troop 111 Building Children's Benches to view Pond C  (complete June, 2007)
Leo Kao Troop 132 Making and Installing Mud Swallow Bird Nests (complete October, 2007)
Rohan Prakash Troop 153 Building a New Trail along BART Parking Lot  (complete November,2007)
Philip Tran Troop 132 Removing Blackberry Bushes to Create a Creek Observation Station for Children (complete December, 2007)
Victor Shih Troop 125 Stabilizing Berm to Prevent Winter Floods (complete December, 2007)


Barrett , Michael   Troop 449
Designing and Erecting a Trellis to act as Shade Structure (complete January, 2004)
Barton, Greg Troop 449 Designing and Building Benches at Station 1 (complete, August,2005)
Berger,Daniel Troop 273 Heron Platforms and Owl Box Construction  (completed November, 2003)
Chen, Harrison Troop 124 Building Stairs on the Flood Plains of Tyson Lagoon (complete November, 2005)
Cheung, Luke Troop  106 Designing and Creating Drainage for Butterfly Meadow (complete April, 2004)
Chin, Alex Troop 468 Building Benches at Station 6 (complete July, 2006)
Chow, Kevin Troop 124 Clearing Stream entering Tyson Lagoon for increased Amphibian Habitat (complete August, 2005)
Chung, Eric Troop  468 Planting Tule Plants around Pond  B and C  (complete February, 2005)
Desai , Neil Troop 449
Designing and Creating a Drought Resistant Garden (complete, March, 2004)
Drake, Josh Troop 273 Heron Platforms and Owl Box Construction  (completed November, 2003)
 Ely, Scott Troop 269 Removing Blackberry Bushes and Replacing with Trees (complete August, 2006)
Feng, Michael Troop 153 Designing Stairs to Connect Trails at Tyson Lagoon (completed August, 2006)
Fritz, Sean Troop 120 Designing and Building a Shade Platform for the Butterfly Meadow (complete September, 2004)
Galligan, Peter Troop 176 Terracing in Butterfly Meadow for Butterfly Plants (complete December, 2006)
Hsu, Justin Troop 468 Transplanting Tules from Tule Pond (south)  for Restoration on Duck Island, Lake Elizabeth  (complete, October, 2005)
Hu, Chris Troop 468 Erecting a Greenhouse and Shed (complete October, 2003)
Hu,  Alex Troop 468 Designing and Constructing Garden Workstations  (complete October, 2003)
Ho, Timothy Troop 468 Landscaping Southeast Fence with Shrubs and Trees (complete September, 2005)
Kiehl, Alex Troop 124 Building a Trellis and Bench in Remote area (complete October, 2006)
Krause, Matt Troop 448 Designing and Building Stairs to Tyson Lagoon (complete January, 2005)
 Lee, Adam Troop 273 Heron Platforms and Owl Box Construction  (completed November, 2003)
 Lee,  Nathan Troop 124 Designing and Installing Irrigation System to Greenhouse and Butterfly Meadow (complete December, 2003)
Liu, Janren Troop 468 Transplanting Tules from Tule Pond (south)  for Restoration on Duck Island, Lake Elizabeth (complete, October, 2005)
Ma, Timothy Troop 153 Restoration of Vegetation on Island in Pond C (completed August, 2006)
 Mak, Gordon Troop 449
Designing and Constructing Cold Frames for Butterfly Meadow (complete December, 2003) 
Ngo, Luan Troop  103 Landscaping behind Educational Building  (complete August, 2006)
Reeb, Brian Troop 112 Building Children's Benches in Butterfly Meadow (complete October, 2006)
Ru, Chris Troop 124 Devising and Constructing a Solar Ecosystem (complete August, 2005)
Shah, Neal Troop 176 Designing and Building Seven Benches for Work areas for Students (complete December, 2004)
Stemm. Jason  Troop 104 Designing and  Building Stairs to Fault Trail  (complete, February, 2004)
Stemm, Matthew Troop 176 Building a Trellis and Bench for Bird Observation (complete June, 2006)
Takacs, Alex Troop 132 Constructing an Educational Sampling Platform for Tyson Lagoon (complete December, 2005)
Tao, Gary Troop 468 Building Stairs to enter Ohlone Village Area (complete September, 2005)
Wei, Victor Troop 468 Creating an area for constructing a Tule House (complete June, 2005)
Wong, Herman Troop 273 Building Benches near the Educational Center (complete July, 2005)
Wu, Edward Troop 468 Designing and landscape area below Wetland Center (complete November, 2006)
Wu, Dion Troop 153

Restoration of land for native plants and reduction of non-native plants. (complete December, 2006)

Yuen, Gary Troop 273 Building and landscaping Benches at Station 2  (complete June, 2005)