Trail between Tyson Lagoon and Inactive Fault trail
Thomas Colvin
Troop 102, Fremont

I lead people in clearing a trail out of dense bushes and brush. First we marked out where the trail will go in and come back out of the brush. Next I lead boys in clearing the first 1/3 of the trail, clearing overhanging trees and having boys cut stuff up while also hauling out bigger logs. The next day we cleared out 2/3 of the trail cutting bigger logs out of the way and making it look nice. Then we cleared the last 1/3 that was blackberry bushes with thorns. After all was cleared and looking nice, the first part of the trail was quite steep so we dug into it and made 4 steps out of wood. Then we cleared the trail of any trash or things that where in the trail and made it all pretty.

clearing trees

clearing blackberry bushes

The people who helped were:

On May 23rd 2014 I had Bryce W. Jung, Doug Jung, Jim Colvin, Mayra Colvin, Christopher Colvin, Sara Colvin, Holly Anderson,Justin Anderson, Elizabeth Sample, Elliott Babyak, and Zachary Genthner. 
On may 25th 2014 I had Jim Colvin, Mayra Colvin, Sara Colvin, Mike Anderson, Justin Anderson, Christina Anderson, Holly Anderson, Bryce Jung, and Doug Jung. 
On May 30th 2014 I had Jim Colvin, Mayra Colvin, Sara Colvin, Christopher Colvin, Mike Anderson, Justin Anderson, Joshua Pabst, and Joseph Clinton.
making stairs  clearing final brush

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