Constructing an Educational Sampling Platform for Tyson Lagoon
Alex Takacs 
Troop 132, Fremont, Califonia

In this Eagle project, I constructed and put together an "educational sampling platform" along the bank of the Tyson Lagoon.  This platform will allow children to take samples of the water quickly and easily without getting wet.  The platform consist of strong an sturdy floatation devices donated by the City of Fremont.  Each platform was attached together to make a surface that will hold 10 children at a time.  The completed platform will set out into the water with a ladder on the end and two metal posts on the bank with steel chords connecting the posts to the platform.

All the cattails had to be cut and removed from area.

This Eagle Scout project was the construction of a water sampling platform for kids in Fremont and the neighboring Tri City areas to conduct experiments in testing the water for nutrients, pH, and other chemical parameters.  Then with their samples, they will study the many different micro-organisms living in the water as well as the different kinds of plants and algae.   The project itself was more complicated than it looked, due to the fact that there were no blueprints and only a box of tools used to hook them together, not to mention a landscaping of the area because of the cattails surrounding it.  The platform pieces were all industrialized plastic, so they are very sturdy and were donated by the City of Fremont themselves, from  Lake Elizabeth water area. 

This project could only have been completed due to the help of a great many friends and family who participated as well as Dale Hardware, who provided all the materials needed, they gave me expert information, and they even donated $30 to the project.  My dad, Dave Takacs, was with me every day lending his help, while my mom Kim provided food and refreshments and my brother Nick helped out one day.  Scouts from my troop, 132, came as well even when I haven’t been as active in the troop lately, and thanks to them this project could not have been done.  My two friends, Tristan Caringal and Stacy Frisby, also helped out, and Stacy even went totally in the water to pull the cattails that surrounded the area.  Lastly, Dr. Blueford was instrumental in her support and patience for the project.

Project is finished.  Another group finished the planks so it is easier to bring in the boats to help survey Tyson Lagoon.

 This project has taught me the basics of running an “operation” so to speak, and I’m sure that it will help me in the future.