Stairs up Hayward Fault Scarp
Raghav Rajvanshy
Troop 125, Fremont

For my eagle project, I led a group of volunteers to significantly improve the accessibility of an area of Tule Ponds in Fremont, California. This area is a nice place for young children to visit but was not very accessible. Often, the kids tripped on the uneven, steep stairs that led up to the Hayward Fault Scarp. We removed the stairs that had some safety concerns, and replaced them with more even, less steep and more accessible stairs. We also cleared an overgrown trail that leads up to these stairs by removing non-native plants and trimming the overgrown branches. We then redefined the trail, landscaped it for weed abatement, and created a new access path to the improved stairs. 

taking out old steps

digging out stairs
I really want to thank all the volunteers that came and helped out for taking out time from their busy schedules. Their names are Sheng-Hao Huang, Omair Ajaz, Shrey Vasavada, Nihar Parikh, Ankit Bhatia, Karl Britto, Shivam Vakil, Harold Shi, Patrick Rivera, Mr. Craig Cooper, Mr. Shekhar Rajvanshy, Mrs. Roopali Rajvanshy and Mr. Nishit Vasvada. Without them this project wouldn't have been possible.

digging out stairs putting stairs in place

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