Installing Irrigation Line and Landscaping  Trees above Seasonal Wetlands

Matt Manganaro
Troop 379, Fremont


My project at Tule Ponds consisted  of clearing an area of dead brush to reduce the risk of fire and also to improve the visual quality of the area. Also we  pulled up an old failed irrigation system and replaced it with a new system. Finally we made tree retaining boxes to put around three sycamore trees which were being damaged due to erosion. We also re staked  trees to encourage the trees to grow straight.

Removing non-natives

Installing the irrigation lines

The people that helped me with my project over a three day period were as fallows. Day 1: Matt Manganaro, Bob Manganaro, John Prior, Mike Cole, Tim Haught, Nick Tackas, Josh Fraga, Arta Broun, Larry Broun, Matt  Dring, Alex Dring. Day 2: Matt Manganaro, Bob Manganaro,  John Prior, Josh Fraga, Noel Fraga, Sam King, Bob Priest.  Day 3: Matt Manganaro, Bob Manganaro, Ed Holmes, Eric  Shivley, Mike Miller, Paul Salet, Marie Salet, and  Danny Reeb.


area before restoration

area after

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