Clearing area to create Trail above Seasonal Wetland (Tyson Lagoon)
Sahith Karra
Troop 132, Fremont

The project was split into two main parts. Part one which was completed on the first weekend included chopping down seven non-native trees and keeping them aside for mulching. There was also a fallen tree in the area, and the project also included the removal of parts of the tree. There were other bits of wood and debris on the ground and all of this was cleaned up in preparation for part two for building the trail. For part two, the first step was to transplant one of the endangered walnut trees, making way for the trail. We used the logs and stumps from the fallen trees to build the edges of the trail and smoothened out the ground. Then, we placed mulch on either side of the hill to prevent these non-native plants from growing again. We also made way and planted a native cottonwood tree in the area that should grow very well. 

                                    laying trail getting mulch

The workers for this project were mostly from my home troop, troop 132; however, I did invite a few of my school friends. They showed up and worked very well. All in all, 26 people came on the first day and 22 on the second. The turnout was amazing and they hammered through the work and there the problem of too many idle hands did not become a problem.
                    cutting branches


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