Clearing Non-Native Blackberries and Planting Native Trees

Tyler Ocon Troop 106, Fremont

For my eagle project I got a group of people to remove a large section of black berry located at Tule Ponds. Once the black berry was removed we covered the area with tan bark to prevent further growth of the black berry. We also planted three trees. The purpose of this project was to create more habitat for animals.

area before cleaning

removing non-native blackberries

For this project I had a lot of help. This help came both from my troop, church, and family. There were 16 youth from the age of 12 to 16 and 11 adults. In total there were 28 people that helped work on this project including me.  The total of hours that were spent planning and working on this project was about 80 hours.

Andrew Clark, Brandon Call, Craig Perry, Grant Perry, Kekoa Wu, Ryan Madsen, Henry Ocon, John Young, Julia Madsen, David Ostler, Louis Kim, Kristianne Ocon, Mark Ostler, Howard Moffit, Elder Aubrey, Elder Taylor, Ken Perry, Bishop Morgan, Johnny Poole, Greg Monson, Michael Monson, Cody Thompson, Wei Kuo, Derek Stockel, Paul Stout, Michael Patten, and Edgar Wu.

cutting and mulching

planting trees in cleared area

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