Restoration of Turtle Island

Jared Mitchell
Troop 153, Fremont

The project that my crew and I worked on was to make Turtle Island in Tule Ponds more habitable. We removed many types of non-native weeds which were taking over the space on the island and stopping the native plants from growing. This allowed for the native plants to grow better. We also planted a willow tree, a buckeye tree, and 74 tules. These tules will now provide a good shelter for the turtles that inhabit the island. In the process we also removed all garbage from the island and the surrounding area.


removing vegetation around the island getting it ready to plant tules

         I would like to thank all scouts, friends, and adults who helped me in this project: John Paratore, Kaylin Linke, Derek Rodriguez, Karishma Patel, Daniel Loy, Melodie Yang, Max Casebolt, Chaitanya Pillalamarri, Don Ngyuen, Daniel Saley, Kunal Jangahala, Abhinav Janghala, Cory Louie, and Carl Mitchell. 

planting tules by boat

I would like to give a special thank to: Scott Ely, Wesly Newhouse, Mark Loy, and Joyce Blueford. Without them the project would never have been completed.