Developing Signage for Plant Walk
Jimmy Guo
Troop 111, Fremont

My Eagle Project involved developing eleven signs for the trees along the nature walk at Tule Ponds that provided information on the various trees. Imprinted on the aluminum signs included the name, scientific name, and short description of the corresponding trees they stood for. My project involved with taking out old signposts and re-cementing them back to make them sturdier, designing the sign plates on Adobe Illustrator, securing the plates, painting the posts, and decorating the surrounding areas. The preparation work included the inspection of the site, figuring out the supplies and cost estimation, and purchasing and transporting supplies to the site.

attaching the plate to the post

mixing the cement

I would like to thank my family and friends for their dedicated support in helping me complete this project. Id like to thank my parents Song Guo and Cathy Liu for their work and supervision. Id also like to thank my volunteers: Allen Shih, Anthony Kang, Byron Wang, Jeffrey Zhang, Jonathan Poon, Kalvin Luo, Kevin Hsu, Kevin Jiang, Max Jiao, and Ryan Yee for coming out to help. Another big thanks to Dr. Blueford for her constant guidance and for providing me with such an opportunity.

decorating the areas with pebbles/stones

Applying glue to the plate

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