Stairs along Walnut Side of BART Trail 

Gautham Ramshankar,
Troop 103, Fremont

 My Eagle Project's main goal was to make the BART trail safer for the elementary school students that used it on field trips to Tule Ponds. The trail's steps were spaced out too much and their angles made them inconvenient to use. In addition, there were only five steps covering a large, steep trail. All of these factors made the trail hazardous for everyday use. 
   area before starting digging out area

Here is a breakdown of the tasks in my project:
  • We installed seven steps in place of the previous five. The main materials I used in my project were railroad ties and rebars. 
  • The project began with the removal of the original steps. 
  • After this, the adults cut the railroad ties according to the measurements I had planned. They also drilled holes through the railroad ties for rebars.
  • As this happened, the scouts dug out dirt to place the new steps. The dirt was also raked and compacted. This task continued to the second workday.
  • After removing the dirt, the scouts placed the steps, in which we hammered rebars.
  • The scouts placed gravel to cover the spaces between steps.
  • After the two workdays, we noticed that soil near the bottom of the trail was unstable and could errode with rain. To prevent this, on Workday 3, we spent two hours installing two layers of railroad ties and firm soil to stabilize the loose dirt. Together, these would act as retainers.

    I was fortunate to have plenty of support when executing my project. Many hardworking scouts and adults from multiple troops (Troop 103, 125, 269) contributed on all of the workdays to help out. Additionally, Dr. Blueford and Mr. Art Williams constantly supported me throughout the project planning and execution phases. I raised funds for my project by going door-to-door in my neighborhood, and for this, I thank my kind neighbors who took time out of their day to listen to me speak about my project and request contributions. Cresco Equipment Rentals allowed me to rent many tools free of charge, and Home Depot gave me a hefty $50 discount as I purchased items. I would not have been able to complete my project without the assistance of the aforementioned individuals and establishments.

We had
                                setting up stairs finished steps


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