Constructing a Path on Higher Ground

Richard Shi
Troop 124, Fremont

My Eagle Project was to construct a path on higher ground at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon. This was because during the rainy season, the lower ground path would flood, making it hard for anyone wanting to cross the area. This would’ve been easy, but there were a bunch of dead trees blocking the higher ground ideal for a path. Once this project was complete people wouldn’t have to dip their feet in muddy path, and could be able to walk on higher ground while still admiring the beauty that Tule Ponds has to offer.

Some of the trees cut and ready to be hauled out.

Dan Hollenback sawing a tree

It started with Scouts helping me chop down the trees and branches with saws, axes, and hatchets. This proved to be too hard of a challenge and soon my dad came out with a chainsaw to complete what was not finished. All the trees and wood were dragged out to the front to be chipped. Once the trees and branches were all cleared, there was the task of constructing the path itself. Debris was moved aside, the ground was leveled, and edges were made to prevent erosion. Once the backbone of the path was created, there were the finishing touches. Trash was picked up around the area and wood chips were used to reinforce the sturdiness of the path. In the end the path stood over 45 feet long.

Mikey Hahn and Joshua Lu helping me construct the path.

The unfinished path once trees have been cleared (left). The original path (right).

I would like to thank many people, for without their help, this project wouldn’t have been completed. I would like to thank Daniel Hollenback, Zach Wilson, Matt Wilson, Joshua Lu, Mikey Hahn, and my brother Eric Shi for all their support and help along the way. I would also like to thank my mom and dad for being there and showing me encouragement. Also, a special thanks to Dr. Blueford for all her suggestions in helping me choose and carry out this Eagle Project.

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