Building a Butterfly Habitat
Saksham Gupta
Troop 111, Fremont

       This eagle project, conducted by Saksham Gupta, was created to help the younger community understand the life cycle of butterflies. In the years prior to this project, monarchs would come to this natural habitat and lay there eggs in the open. These eggs were vulnerable to any predator which lived there. This project provided a habitat for the butterflies to grow and develop in. The younger community of Fremont will now be able to visually see what the process actually is. Instead of reading their boring textbooks, they will actually be able to see the process of metamorphosis straight up. 

area before construction

clearing area

  This project couldn't have been done just by one person though. Multiple volunteers put tens of hours of their time into this. They all worked extremely hard with the multiple hardships which were encountered throughout this project. Some of the people who dedicated a lot of time include Aashank Singh, Shridhik John, and Samuel Jothimutu. The two people who helped out the most though were Brandon Gordon, another worker at Tule ponds, and Rajnish Gupta. They put both their time and money into this project and helped make it what it is. Some of the other people who helped include: Shivam Parikh, Saksham Pruthi, Nishir Shelat, Rohin Gupta, Shivang Shelat, and Srinath Gopalakrishnan, Lastly, the most important person to thank is Dr. Blueford for providing this project and giving the time, resources and equipment needed.

putting up the mesh finished habitat

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