Removing Non-native Blackberries along Creek bed

Kevin Le
Troop 654, Fremont

My project was to clear out a 60 x 20 feet area at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon. Three tasks I accomplished include cleaning up trash along a creek nearby, weeding dozens of non native plants, and cutting down/uprooting wild Himalayan Blackberry bushes.

The majority of the hours spent working on the project were dedicated to removal of the Himalayan Blackberries. They are tremendously widespread, aggressive, and invasive. They also turn open areas of land into dense thickets of never-ending and virtually impenetrable brambles. The volume of the bushes I plan to remove are 38 (length) x 17 (width) x 11 (height) feet.




The visitors that come to Tule Ponds are blocked off in certain areas by walls of blackberry bushes. Plant growth and animal habitats have also been stinted by these non-native plants. In addition, these bushes ruin the landscape of the area.

Children ages 6-10 come from all over the East Bay to learn about the environment. The area was too dangerous for these children to pass through. Its vines and brambles block approximately 2/3rds of the entire area itself from human access. These invasive bushes also grow into the territory of other animals and plants, narrowing down their habitat. Its ability to cover large areas hinders the growth of native plants. Though many critters eat blackberries, their combined appetites aren't enough to withstand its thorns. These thorns are hazardous to numerous children and amphibians, as they may rip and tear off their skins.



The results of this project would yield a safer place for this wildlife sanctuary. The visitors that come to Tule Ponds and the amphibians that live here would be free to roam the area without fear from being physically hurt by these bushes. Native plants will have room to grow, expand, and beautify the area as well.

 I would like to thank the following people for helping with my project:

 Scouts and Friends: Chris Thai, Andrew Nam Le, Avin Phan, Richard Cao, Phi Nguyen, Alan Nguyen, Ben Truong, Victor Dang, Kyle Le, Daniel Vu, Jon Chu, Steven Chu, Suzie Lam, Long Tran, Ky Phan, Tim Tang, Jonathan Nguyen, Ben Van, Jambu Jambulingam

Adults: Giao Bui Le and Phuoc Le (my parents), Thomas Trang and Duy Vu (my Scoutmasters), Dr. Joyce Blueford (my advisor), Kevin from Cresco Rents, Nhan Phan, Khanh Dang, Loi Thai, Dat Phan



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