Building a Retaining Wall to Stop Erosion above Outflow Drains
Joseph Allred
Troop 111, Fremont

During the month of August in 2017, I constructed two retaining wall to make a planting terrace and also help with erosion control. One was a natural retaining wall, consisting of logs placed in a shallow trench and secured in place with metal stakes. This retaining wall helped outline the path and hold the soil in the planting terrace. The other retaining wall was made with pressure treated wood. We secured three pressure treated posts in the ground using gravel and concrete.  After the concrete had set and the posts were plum, we bolted in two pressure treated boards between the posts. Each retaining wall measures roughly 20 feet. Then we filled in the planting terrace with soil that we had previously moved to make the retaining walls and added a layer of mulch and leveled the ground. 


area before terracing

preparing area

This project would not have been possible without the help from my friends and fellow scouts who generously donated their time to help me with this project. My parents were very supportive and helped me with purchasing the necessary lumber and supplies that we needed. Many thanks to Brett Whaley, Spencer Whaley, and Conner Whaley, Craig Harkey, and Zaid Vellani for coming and providing your support. Also thanks to my fellow scouts, Harsh Gurnani, Arjun Malleswaran, Alex Crocker, and Sunny Chadha. Also thanks to my sister, who was a big help. Mr. Crocker, my scoutmaster, was very kind and helpful and had ideas of how to execute tasks more efficiently, and gave suggestions. And of course thanks to Dr. Blueford for being so kind as to give me this opportunity to help at Tule Ponds

finished retaining wall  helpers


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