Blackberry Removal and Step Installation for Monitoring at Tyson Lagoon
Cody Barnes
Troop 106, Fremont

My project was to remove a section of Blackberry bushes as well as install steps for easier access to the lagoon. Having  this area cleared and steps installed allows for easy access to the lagoon, as well as allowing easier access for future work on the surrounding area.

Area before project

 Clearing the blackberries

I would like to thank the following people for helping me complete my project in such a timely manor: Morgan Barnes, John F. Barnes, John M. Barnes, Bonnie Barnes, Joyce Barnes, Matt Holmes, Andrew Wheeler, Nate Welch, Lee Griffith, John Young, and a special thanks to Dan Welch. Without his insight this project would of not of been as successful as it was. Finally I'd like to thank Dr. Blueford for allowing me to do my eagle project at Tule Ponds and for giving me resources to make this project run smoothly.
  Creating the Steps

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