Building Children's Benches to view Pond C

Tim Steele Troop #111
Fremont, CA 

My Eagle Scout Leadership Project with my volunteer team members was to construct six redwood benches. Two benches were placed in front  of the parking spaces in the parking lot and four benches in back of the main building. My hard working team members and I dug the holes to place the post anchors, mixed and poured the cement, cleared weeds, cut and screwed down redwood, drilled many holes, sanded, painted and finally put ground cover down. We each took pride in every step of construction and wanted the six benches to be sturdy and last a long time.                                                                                                                                       

Putting together the benches with Philip and Joseph Yang, Akshay Nanavati and Nabarun Sengupta  The crew is hard at work. Pictured  are Kevin Wu, John Price, Nabarun and Rahul Sengupta.

This leadership project is of benefit to all the Alameda school children, visiting cub scout packs and others who visit the facility. It is open to all groups at no charge by, The Math Science Nucleus with funding from Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. In making the benches we provided seating for the children to eat their lunches on. We constructed the bench heights to make it easier for them to sit on . My project also provided a safe place for the children to sit other than standing in the middle of a parking lot.

Nabarun Sengupta digging a post hole for the benches. Philip Yang and Catherine Ding putting finishing touches of paint on completed bench

At this time I would like to thank the Math Science Nucleus and especially Dr. Joyce Blueford for her patience and being so very nice to me.

Thanks to all the Cub Scouts and parents that I Den Chief from pack #447 Den 15.       Chandian Reddy, Hui Ju Jiang, Jonah Baldwin, Susy Baldwin, Philip Yang, Joseph Yang, and Catherine Ding who sanded and painted the benches.  There were great team member helpers.

Thanks to all my friends in Boy Scouts, Nabarun Sengupta, Rahul Sengupta, Ryan Foo,   Kevin Wu, Akshay Nanavati and Peter Lazo who dug holes, poured cement and help build the benches. You all came through for me and did a great job

To my  non scouting members thanks for your knowledge and skills in constructing the benches including Dennis Steele, Pito Perez, John Price, and Debbie Reed.

Finally thank you to Certainteed Corporation for donating $900.00 to purchase all the needed materials.



Date Project Began: May 5, 2007
Times:  Saturday's 2:30-5:30
Date Project Ended: June 2. 2007
Hours I spent  in planning and in preparation for the project: 30 Hours
Total Labor Hours to complete the six benches: 105 Hours
Total Costs and Expenses: Approximately $900.00 (all from donation)


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