Stairs and retaining wall above Storm Drain (Walnut)

Rajeev Bommana
Troop 154, Fremont

In this project we needed to build a retaining wall above the storm drain and reposition and extend a stairway. We did the stairway first where we removed the 2 stairs that were already there and the rebar that was in the ground. We positioned the starting stair where we envisioned the retaining wall to end and built up from there. We ended up adding 3 stairs to the original 2 stairs that were already there making it a 5 stair path. We used a tamper to level off each stair surface so there is not a tripping hazard. We did the retaining wall in 2 sessions. First we dug 2 holes each about 1.5 feet deep since our posts were 3 feet tall. We attached a piece of twine from the retaining wall that was already there to the post on the other end. We then used cement and secured that post. Therefore, we could now align the second post with the twine as we cement it. In the next session, we used a battery drill to put holes through the retaining board and posts and secure them with bolts.

   area before starting making holes for retaining wall
 I would like to thank my dad, Murali Bommana, along with Sujal Bobba and his dad Srinivas Bobba. Since we started the project before troop covid guidelines were lifted, I could only ask close friends and family for help. These people helped on every single work session and I am very grateful. We were able to divide most of the labor between Sujal and I but our parents were also huge parts in driving us here along with giving us ideas. I intend to return the favor by helping Sujal with his retaining wall project.
                    setting up stairs posts for retaining wall


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