Landscaping and removing non natives along high road

Vishwa Iyer
Troop 273 , Fremont

During my Eagle Project, we removed invasive species from a 6000 square foot area of Tule Ponds. This project was necessary as invasive species were taking away many of the nutrients which native plants needed. In addition, the animals in Tule Ponds would benefit as a result of these plants being gone. We worked for a total of eight and a half hours and were able to get lots of work done. During the first four hours, we focussed on removing plants using tools such as shovels, loppers, and hand saws. While the number of plants needing to be removed was decreasing, we started working on spreading mulch down the slope. This was a very labor-intensive task as it involved repeatedly using rakes to drag mulch or shovels to transport it. Workers were split up into three different groups to work on mulching three different areas. All the mulching work was completed by around 4:45 p.m. From 4:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., we focussed of organizing all the branches that were cut and cleaning up the area. My project was a huge success as we were able to remove many different invasive species and contribute to the Tule Ponds restoration project.
   area before starting area before starting

In addition, there were many helpers who attended my project. Without these scouts and adults, I would not have been able to complete this project. The list of scouts who attended my project is Veena Iyer, Neha Nagpal, Samay Sharma, Shiv Gurjar, Nikhil Nagboth, Prajwal Goudar, Ananth Junutula, Sara Santosh, Sanjana Mohan, Suhas Bathini, Aakash Bathini, Vishal Venkatraman, Parthiv Hariharan, Varun Yelluru, and Rohan Srikanth. The adults who attended my project were Arun Ramani, Ramandeep Sharma, Rajesh Gurjar, Naresh Nagboth, Venkanagouda Goudar, Jagath Junutula, Shilpa Amarnath, Hari Raja, Srisha Yelluru, Sidda Eraiah, Gayathri Rajan, and Vijaya Kondraganti.

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