Designing Trail South end of Creek
Scott Dentinger
Troop 111, Fremont

My project was the construction of the middle segment of the trail at work station 4 at the Tule Ponds that would complete a larger trail, that would be a "Walk thru the Tules". We accomplished this by the digging of trenches into a wood chip covered hillside on both sides of the trail, and then filling in those trenches with stumps and branches. We started by removing the Himalayan blackberries around the worksite, then built the trail by digging two trenches on the hillside and filling them in with branches anchored with stumps. From there, we leveled the trail and covered it with woodchips from the hillside, taking time to flatten it out. Finally, we dug a trench above the trail where a group of shrubs and trees will be planted, and then removed excess blackberries from the other scouts side of the trail, as well as doing general trail improvements to make it match ours.

area before project

clearing trail

The volunteers who worked on my project were Peter Dentinger, Carolyn Dentinger, Mark Dentinger, Stuart Rosete, Alex Scott, Sameer Nanavati, Anuj Nanavati, Lukas Mickevicius, Vidas Mcikevicius, and Jesse Mickevicius, as well as myself.

removing non native  terracing trail and moving wood chips

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