Planter boxes under Arroyo Willows Picnic Area

Akshay Gona
Troop 154 , Fremont


For my eagle project, I designed, built, and installed four planter boxes. Two of the planter boxes were 6 long, 2 tall, and 2 wide, and were placed at a slope near picnic tables, close to the Arroyo Willow trees. The remaining two, which are 6 long, 1 tall, and 2 wide, were placed near the exit gate.

The two larger planter boxes were designed to control the soil erosion and prevent further displacement of the soil at the site. These planter boxes will house snowberry plants, which are native to this area and are endangered. Installing these planter boxes on a slope was quite a challenge, since the planter boxes had to be level. To overcome this problem, we adjusted the length of the posts on the planter boxes and the depth of the post holes accordingly. We used gravel to protect the bottom of the posts from rotting and concrete mix to secure the posts in place. Finally, we used dirt to cover up the hole so that it would match the surrounding surface.

The remaining two planter boxes were installed at the exit gate on a level area. I used rebars to hold them in place. These planter boxes will grow flowering plants to attract butterflies and birds, contributing to the beautification of the area close to the visitor center.

   staining the planters finished planter on top
I would like to thank:

-Dr. Blueford for the opportunity to help my community at Tule Ponds

       Tri-City Ecology Center, who approved an eco-grant towards my project

       Cresco Rentals for the tools supplied

       Dale Hardware for discounts on supplies

       Mr. Jim Hixson and Hulbert Lumber for the advice and discounts

       My project coach, Mr. Mohan for guiding me throughout the process of my Eagle project

       Scout volunteers: Pranav Gona, Rahul Prakash, Rohit Mandal, Vishanth Mohan, Maurya Palusa, Arya Prince, Ishan and Rohan Shukla, Parth Mehta, Mann, Modi, Mihir Singh, Sahith Karra

       Adult volunteers: Mr. Prakash Sangappa, Mr. Vinoo Eddapily, Mr. Alok Singh, Mr. Adhir Mandal, and Mr. Bart Davis.

Finally, I would like to thank my parents, whom without their help, support, time, and dedication, I could not have completed my project.

 moving the large planters finished planters on bottom


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