Retaining wall and stairs along BART Trail near Walnut Ave

Mrinaal Ramachandran
Troop 125 , Fremont

For my Eagle project, I built a retaining wall and two steps leading to a creek. The project was split into two work days, each work day lasting 6 hours. Before any physical part of the project was constructed, I designed the retaining wall and stairs using computer aided design. I broke down the construction process into 9 distinct steps in order to make the building process as straightforward as possible. On the first day, we cut all the wood to the correct length and cleared the site for the wall and stairs. Scouts used post hole diggers to create 5 holes and leveled the site using shovels and a pickaxe. On the second day, we put the retaining wall into the holes and used rebars to secure the stairs into the ground. The entire site was filled with wood chips and gravel was placed on top of the stairs. 

   area before starting making holes for retaining wall
A total of 13 scouts and 4 adults attended the project over both workdays. Adults helped with cutting the wood and the use of power tools while the scouts helped dig holes, pour the concrete, and level the site. All of the volunteers were recruited from Troop 125 and a total of 140 man hours was spent constructing the project.
                    measuring job well done

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