Terracing at Station 6
Christopher Colvin
Troop 102, Fremont

My project was to repair and improve Station 6 of Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon to make it a more stable, level, and open area for large groups of visitors and Grade School children who stand in this area while listening to a presentation on the Organisms of Tyson Lagoon.  The area originally had a steep grade which caused many falls and accidents.  We cleaned out the area of  plants and several bushes that where in the way and caused a bottle neck for visitors and then constructed 3 retaining wall built with pressure treated lumber.  We dug the 2 feet deep posts and secured the wall to the posts.  Then we backfilled the path side with a mixture of dirt and chips, and landscaped the plant side with wood chips.

area before terracing

clearing area

I would like to thank everybody who assisted me with the project.  I also like to thank my family for providing support, supervision, and food for our volunteers. Through some rain and last minute approval, everybody worked hard and we succeeded.  I would like to thank my neighbors Sipiliano "Billy" Save and Feleunga "Uma" Latu for advice on the construction of the retaining walls and Alex Shambuagh, Joshua Pabst, Bruce Pabst, Nick Grahm, Colin Fairbairn, Joseph Clinton, Zachary Genthner, Gabe Genthner, Noah Koep, Micheal Acidera, Tim McGovern, Kevin Sanchez, Margarita Sanchez, Daniel McLaren, Angelina McLaren, and Leonor Martinez for helping me on the workday of my project.  Also, I would like to give a big thanks to OSH's Fremont location who offered me a 20% discount on my materials purchase when they heard it was for a Eagle Project.  Last but not least, I would like to thank Dr. Blueford for providing the opportunity for this project in addition to providing me with small tips and making herself available on short notice.

preparing retaining walls  terracing area

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