Canopy Trail, North Tyson Lagoon
Joshua Siu
Troop 111, Fremont

The goal of my Eagle project was to create a 120 foot long trail in the north part of the Tyson Lagoon Trail, and it was to be a “canopy” type of trail. In addition to clearing brush and plants that were in the way, two sets of stairs needed to be installed to ensure safe passage through the trail.

Cutting trees

Blazing a new trail

After clearing the brush, we discovered that three trees were in the way of the path, and so we had to remove these trees as well. Next was installing the steps, and I used six 6” x 6” x 3’ blocks (3 on each set of stairs) to create the steps, each block reinforced with two bars of rebar. Then we spread a 3 inch layer of wood chips throughout the trail. This project would not have been possible without a project idea, and I would like to thank Dr. Blueford for allowing me to accomplish this project. And this project would not have been completed without the assistance of many helpers: Jason Siu, Edward Chang, Patric Ho, Kristen Lee, Douglas Yuk, Tian Shi, Caleb Han, Candice Koh, Kyle Chiang, Josh Pwu, Wayland Yee, Matthew Tse, Kelvin Chou, Tony Lin, and Josh Lin.  Special thanks to my Mom, Louise Siu, and my Dad, Larry Siu, for supplying us with good food and drinks to keep our energy up, and also giving huge pointers on design and building.

  Placing steps Finished steps

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