Planting Tule Plants around Pond B & C
 by Eric Chung
Troop 468

 The objective of my project was to transport 200-300 Tule plants from a given location (picture below) and to allocate them to Ponds B and C at Tule Ponds.  The roots of Tule plants can grow up to ten feet underground, and what this does is it increases the soil retention of the ground.  If these plants are planted around Tule Ponds, then it will keep the pond water from seeping through the soil during the summer when rain is scarce.

The project went into motion on Sunday, 1/16/05, and was completed the following Sunday, 1/23/05.  A total of twenty-four people contributed to this project and 143 hours were served.

At first, when I was given the project, the choice was up to me whether I wanted to transport two-hundred or three-hundred Tules.  On the day of the project, we had enough volunteers present to transport three-hundred; the project on the first day took five hours.  Due to the fact that we dug out three-hundred Tules on the first project date, we had enough Tules to surround both ponds B and C, when we had a five foot distance between each Tule planted.  If the Tules end up growing successfully, there will be water in all three ponds of Tyson Lagoon year-round.

 The volunteers that contributed their time and energy to this project were both from my troop and my friends: Alex Hu, Chris Hu, Edward Wu, Jason Lee, Eric Wei, Victor Wei, Allen Ko, Chris Yang, Danny Na, David Wang, Jonathon Ting, Joey Cheung, Darwin Wu, Bonnie Lui, Johnson Jeng, Julia Chou, Kenny Chan, Elton Essex, and Larry Cheng. The adults who assisted on this project were: Ms. Wendy Chung (Mom), Mr. David Chung (Dad), Mr. Roy Tsai (ASM), and Mr. Pauli Hsueh (ASM).

 The materials that were used for this project were: Shovels, boots, gloves, and pots were all supplied by Math Science Nucleus.