Making and Refurbishing Tule Entrance Signs
Rohit Bose

Troop 125, Fremont

I first worked at Tule Ponds for the service component of my freshman benchmark project. The Math Science Nucleus was extremely helpful and thorough in communicating its needs, so I always looked forward to working for the organization again. It was thus a privilege to carry out my Eagle project at Tule Ponds. My project’s goal was to beautify and increase the visibility of Tule Ponds to passerby; the team accomplished this by creating a new sign for the Tule Ponds’s Litchfield Avenue entrance and embellishing two of the Walnut Avenue entrance’s existing signs, to one of which we also installed a stone retaining wall flowerbed.

putting the sign together 

 The project was far from a one-man job, and I would like to thank everybody who assisted me in its execution. The following youth were amazing workers who completed their tasks more efficiently than I could have ever hoped for: Avi Gulati, Justin Nguyen, Andrew Lam, Angus Lam, Patrick Rivera, Richard Williams, Arnav Kamra, Tarun Devesetti, Ishan Sastry, Bryant Lim, Dylan Lim, Wesley Lee, Vivek Vijaykumar, Arnav Nagle, Rahul Toppur, Ankur Samanta, Udayan Mandal, Hugh Smith, Jerry Lin, Jeffrey Lin, Shrey Vasavada, Jonathan Nguyen, and Rukmini Bose. Adults Mr. Steve Wilson, Mr. Craig Cooper, Mr. Rich Cummins, Mr. Viet Nguyen, Mrs. Kakali Roy, and Mr. Sankar Bose provided invaluable help not only during the various project phases but also throughout my entire scouting career. Mr. Rick Nygren, Mr. Merl Nygren, and Mr. Skip Phair took the time out of their busy schedules to review and approve my paperwork. Dale Hardware, McIvor’s Hardware, Lowe’s, and Prismatic Signs provided assistance, advice, and materials without which the project would have never been executed--I recommend these businesses to anyone. Finally, I thank Dr. Blueford and the entire Math Science Nucleus for once again being an incredible organization to work for. I owe the current success of my path to Eagle to all of you.

placement of information board front sign

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