Raising a Trail between Pond A and B to Prevent Flooding
David Omstead
Troop 103, Fremont

For my Eagle Project, I led a group of people to raise the path near the bridge between lagoons A and B to prevent it from flooding. To do this we dug trenches on both sides of the path and placed stumps in them to create a wall. Then we filled the middle with dirt and then covered it with wood chips. This project was to make tours easier during the rainy season by stopping the path from becoming flooded.

The path before the project.

 Digging the trenches on the sides of the path.

I had a lot of help for this project. This help came from members of my scout troop, my family, and some of the regular volunteers at Tule Ponds. There were 16 youths between ages 11 and 17 and 11 adults. This plus myself makes 28 people who worked on this project. The total hours spent working on and planning this project was about 120 hours.

People who worked at my project: Veronica Johnson, Jack Turner, Jonathan Tipton-King, Janis Tipton-King, Ed Prophet, Ryan Foo, Sean Foo, Seehack Foo, Muitwong Han, Christian Tan, Alex Kwok, Josh Garrison, Cain Jensen, John Priar, Cory Yang, Mason Yang, Jackie Omstead, Daniel Omstead, Johnny Leinweber, and Jerelyn Leinweber.

  Placing the stumps in the trenches. Digging up dirt from the empty lagoon bed to use to raise the path.

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