Terracing and Planting Trees

Phi Nguyen
Troop 654, San Jose

Removing debris and non-natives (right)

My Project involved terracing along a long, sloped road to provide habitat for local birds and provide shades for walkers along the trail.  To accomplish my task, I had to remove debris and non-native plants in the area, create a terrace, and plant five trees and two shrubs. 



The completion of my project, albeit time-consuming and arduous, yielded prodigious results.  However, I would not have been able to effectively carry out my project without the help of many individuals.

Digging holes for tree planting

work crew

Thanks to these people:

Scouts and Friends: Daniel Vu, Laura Nguyen, Suzie Lam, Ben Van, Alan Nguyen, Jay Nguyen, Jonathan Nguyen, Michelle Duong, Ginna Lo, Kathy Pham, Shirish Sharma, Kyle Le, Steven Chu, Minh-Thy Nguyen, Khoi Le, Nam Le, Ben Truong, Victor Dang, Lam Tran, Linh Tran, Kim Truong

Adults: Nam Nguyen, Tam Tran, Phuoc Le, Duy Vu, Thomas Trang, Giao Bui Le and Dr. Joyce Blueford

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