Making stairs and landscaping near Bird Blind
Alexander Lien
Troop 132, Fremont

          My Eagle Project was to build stairs that exited an overlook in Tyson Lagoon. The goal of this project is to open up an overlook towards Tyson Lagoon. The original pathway is too steep and eroded and needs to be replace. To replace the pathway, we will have to clear out a non-native bush and create a new pathway that moves more horizontally, which will make the pathway safer and more erosion resistant. The final step was to add a gravel layer on top to further increase erosion resistance.  The picture above is before starting work.
start of project, lots of vegetation removing non native plants

 I would like to thank all my scout volunteers including  scouts Nick A., Kyle C., Jack C., Kevin D., Kyle D., Oliver J., Sahith K., Chris P., Jacob P., Griffin K., Zachariah V., Kazuo W., Zach J., and Sakayt S. I would also like to thank the adults to help out at my Eagle Project especially: Mr. Herron, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Alday, and Mr. Dalton. I would also like to thank Mrs. Poggensee and Ms. Velasco, and Mrs. Lien for extra supervision.

                    putting in stairs and trail finished area with new view of Tyson Lagoon


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