Making a New Trail above Seasonal Wetland

Christopher Russett
Troop 176, Fremont

For my Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project, I blazed and built a section of trail at Tule Ponds, located just behind the BART Station.  However exciting this may have sounded to some people, it does not mean that we cleared the area with controlled fire.  Rather, my crew of volunteer help tackled the plotted trail with small picks, shovels, clipper, handsaws, and rakes, in order to clear all of the obstructive vegetation.  Once we had every portion of trail blazed, we had to rake the dirt path level, and then compact it.  In the only steep area, we also added 8 steps using railroad ties and rebar.  We completed the building of the trail by laying out woodchips all the way along the dirt path.  Upon completion, my crew and I all looked back on our efforts as a great experience

Finished product, Christopher Russett (left, first in line)

This project is of benefit to all Alameda school children who visit the facility and provided free tours by Math Science Nucleus and Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.  Making this new trail above the seasonal wetland completes a full loop trail around the area, which field trips can hike along year round.  During heavy rainy seasons, there would not be as much of a connection between the paths already present because of the seasonal wetland that becomes a temporary lake.  My project alleviated the problem so there is a safe path for children who learn about the environment.  Finally, the trail I have made will also allow greater access to reforestation of the area, and hopefully a future Eagle Scout will make his project to plant trees and large bushes in the area to help block out the view of BART.

Cutting the path on top of seasonal wetland Building stairs

Thanks to Math Science Nucleus for contributing much of the materials and tools. Thanks to Dr. Joyce Blueford for being extremely helpful and easy to work with. Thanks to Mrs. Deanna Stemm, Mr. Don Schoen, and Ms. Teresa Russett for providing most of the supplies, including plenty of breakfast and lunch, and contributing to the labor and transport of woodchips.

 Thanks to Joshua Russett, Donald Dixon, Luke Schlobohm, Jacob Schlobohm, Kyle Quock, and Adam Shawen, my fellow Boy Scouts who did an excellent job helping to make this happen. Thanks to Michael Schoen and Brandon Louie, the former Boy Scouts who provided a lot in coming to my aid also. Thanks to Robbie Porter, Annie Jen, Myo Min, Eshandeep Boparai, Ben Reisler, Isaac Lee, Tom Zhou, Kenny Dokko, Keegan Aspelund, and Elena Pasqual, my awesome and dear friends who cheerfully donated their time and efforts to my cause. Thanks to general volunteers from the Math Science Nucleus including Dorel Baca and John Prior, who unexpectedly contributed to my project.

wood chips for trail compacting the chips


 Date: February 3, 2007
8:30AM 3:30PM
Hours I spent planning: 23
Total labor hours: 132.75
Total expenses: Approximately $250 (all donated)