Designing and Building Stairs to Fault Trail
Jason Stemm
Boy Scout Troop 104, Fremont

Jason Stemm earned his Eagle Scout Badge by designing and constructing stairs from the Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon Wetland Center to a bridge that brings you to Fault Trail.  The slope of the embankment was too steep for the many children that walk the trail.  These stairs were made by cutting rail ties donated by Union Pacific Railroads.  The equipment was donated by Cresco Rents, while some of the material between the stairs was supplied by Tri City Rock and Orchard Supply.

Thanks to everyone that helped me make this project possible. These people include Steve Florek, Mary Florek, Jimmy Florek, Elizabeth Kresin, Deanna Stemm, Matthew Stemm, Sean Fritz, Walt Fritz, Matthew Schmitz, Mark Loeswick, Larry Loeswick, Tim Rust, Anthony Rust, Taylor Rust, Chris Russett, and Micheal Schoen.

 Special Thanks to Orchard Supply and Hardware, Tri-City Rock, Union Pacific, and Cresco Rents for donating supplies and equipment used on this project