Cleared and landscaped  area and built two picnic benches

Sean D. Hannah
Troop 273, Union City

Sean designed, planned, and provided leadership for his project at Tule Ponds, a private property where day camps come for field trips and classes/camps are also held.   In his project he led a group of Scouts who landscaped a small clearing next to a bridge by weeding and leveling it, and by pouring wood chips all over the site. Once the area was leveled we planted six trees, with soil, fertilizer pills, and shovels.  We  also constructed two benches in the clearing.

area before terracing

clearing area

The project benefits kids and other visitors from day camps and other education organizations coming to visit Tule Ponds since it gives them someplace to rest. Tule Ponds is a private property, and serves as a nature park for people to come and learn about their environment. Other organizations come to Tule Ponds, and also classes are held there by the Math Science Nucleus.  The project also helps volunteer groups who come to Tule Ponds.


preparing retaining walls  terracing area

Thank you to all of the Scout Leaders, teachers, friends, family, and everyone that  helped to make this project possible.

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