Building a Bird Blind for Young Children
Vinay Pathania
Troop 199, Fremont

The objective of my Eagle project was to construct an observation booth for the Tule Ponds organization. With this observation booth the general public has the liberty of watching and observing the birds and nature around them while in a blended in area. This project was started and completed at the Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon, 1999 Walnut Avenue, Fremont, CA It was vital for me to take on the initiative to interface with Dr. Joyce Blueford, head of Tule Ponds, to find individual sponsors for materials, to create a detailed plan for the project and to organize and supervise a work crew to build the observation booth. This project couldn’t be done without the help of volunteers. I had advertised the project and promoted the benefits of volunteering for the project to both Troop 199 and friends in High School looking for service hours.



putting in the frame

With the help of the volunteers that I had my project was completed in 5 weeks. These volunteers helped with clearing the area, digging the post holes, cutting lumber, setting the base of the structure, applying the floorboards, and installing all the pieces to make the final product. We also installed a retaining wall behind the structure so that when the rainy season comes around, the booth won’t have any mud or debris in and behind the structure.

preparing the sides bird blind

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