Pole retaining wall near Bird Blind
Amogh Maddileti
Troop 154, Fremont

My Eagle project consisted of building a wooden log retaining wall of 21 feet long to prevent soil erosion during rainy seasons, and a 44 ft x 8 ft landscaping project behind the retaining wall to beautify the path along the Tyson Lagoon in Tule Ponds. 
My first workday was to dig a 21 feet long trench of one foot deep and install eucalyptus wooden logs of 3 feet tall and with a diameter of ~9 inches.

After digging the trench, we installed about 14 feet long of the log retaining wall, followed by compacting the soil and ensuring that the logs are secured in place. My second workday consisted of installing the leftover 7 feet of the retaining wall, and dug 2 plant holes with the measurements of 2 x 2ft, followed by planting 2 Pride of Madeira plants, a native plant of California. On my final workday, we poured gravel behind the retaining wall for aeration purposes, uprooted non-native plants from the hill, layered the mulch on the hill and spread it evenly, and then leveled out the 21 x 4ft walking path.

   digging trench placing poles for retaining  wall
I would like to thank all the scouts and adults from Troop 154 who showed up and supported me throughout my project. I would like to thank ArborVision Tree Services for providing me with the Eucalyptus logs with the measurements that I needed. Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Blueford for providing me with this amazing project and opportunity.


Sahil Hotchandani, Vishanth Mohan, Akshay Gona, Pranav Gona, Nidhish Tekkam, Rohit Mandal, Nathan Kuriakose, Rahul Prakash


Mr. Mohan Nanjundan, Mr. Robert Cook, Mr. Venkat Maddileti, Mrs. Uma Sunku, Mr. Anand Tekkam, Mrs. Meena Mariwalla, Mrs. Sharon Kuriakose, Mr. Jubi Kuriakose, Mr. Shankar Gona, Mr. Adhir Mandal, Mr. Prakash

    making trails                finished retainer with  view of Tyson Lagoon


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