Stairs Along Inactive Fault Trail

Jeffery Hsu
Troop 468, Fremont

The objective of this project is to create a clear area for the construction of functional curved stairs onto an inactive trail on the grounds of Tule Ponds. It will be located between two trails, one was finished on December 2009 and another on to an existing trail between the station 10 and station 11. The stair was 33feet long and 4 feet wide. The removal of the surrounding twigs and branches took brawny labor. These stairs are needed for safety reasons because it will prevent injuries for the younger students. This project will meet the Eagle Scout rank requirement number 5 of a service project that benefits the community.

 area before project

clearing area

Before the project, it used to a cluster of branches, logs, and unexpected trash. After, it is cleared of trash and branches and now there are sturdy wooden stairs going down to the trail. I used 3 feet long and 8 inches wide and 4 inches thick wood steps. We dug holes and placed the steps inside with reinforcement we used steel bars for extra support.

covering trail with wood chips completed stairs

I would especially like to thank Dr. Joyce Blueford for allowing me an opportunity to conduct an eagle project at Tule Ponds and helping me throughout the whole project. I would also like to thank my parents Diana and Andy Hsu for all the love and support throughout my eagle project.

I would also like to thank all my wonderful volunteers that contributed into this successful project on day 1: my grandma, my aunt, my dad, Joshua Ng, Patric Ho, Brian Hsu, Stanley Hwang, Grant Wu, Ryan Lu, Samuel Yuen, Sophia Chan, Mr. Eric Chan, Mr. Dennis Wong, Alanna Mozzetti, Erin Kunz, Lawrence Wang, Sebastian Cai, and Janet Chiu

I would also like to thank all my wonderful volunteers that contributed into this successful project on day 2: my grandma, my mom, my dad, Michelle Wu, John Salazar, Emily Chou, Jonathon Chiu, Alanna Mozzetti, Kajel Patel, Kendall Giron, Paula Azcvate, Maihan Ngueyn, Kristine Fungo, Erin Kunz, Whitney Ngo, John Plecnik, Aaron Sun, Stanley Hwang, Anthony Hung, Grant Wu, Jimmy Xiao, Samuel Yuen, Lawrence Wang, Bruce Powers, Sebastian Cai, and Brian Hsu

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