Expanding Pond in Butterfly Meadow
Quess Liu
Troop 153, Fremont

The goal of my Eagle Project was to provide a unique, educational environment for visitors to Tule Ponds by expanding and installing new artificial ponds at Tule Ponds/Tyson Lagoon. I renovated and repositioned one of the existing ponds, which originally posed a safety issue. I also installed two new ponds, laid out pebbles and flagstones for decoration, and removed surrounding vegetation.


placing flagstones

            My project will allow visitors, especially children and students, to observe the natural ecosystem of Tule Ponds safely. Students have fallen into the pond before after slipping on loose flagstones. They will be able to see tadpoles, small fish, and tules close up.

moving rocks after

I would like to give a big thanks to the following volunteers: Nicholas Yuk, Douglas Yuk, Nathan Wong, Ernest Wong, Jacky Lui, Elaine Ng, Randy Chow, Albert Chin, Thomas Loh, and Jambu Jambulingam.  And the adults: David Lau, Alan Chan, Sarah and Hongche Liu (parents), and Dr. Joyce Blueford.

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