Picnic Benches for Butterfly Meadow
Daniel Chen
Troop 449, Fremont

For my Eagle project, I built 2 picnic tables to be put in the Butterfly Garden of Tule Ponds as well as cleaning up the area where the tables would be placed. These tables were to be used by students that come to Tule Ponds to eat lunch at, as well as providing a place where they can learn about the environment around them. For the first work party, I lead my team to stain all the lumber pieces that would need to be used to build the picnic tables. During my second work party, my team worked on assembling the picnic tables together. For my last work party, I lead my team in the transportation of the tables from my house to Tule Ponds, as well as leading them to clean up the area where the tables would be placed.

building benches

moving benches to Tule Ponds

I am very thankful for all the helped that I had received during this project. I would like to thank my parents for encouraging me along the way, as well as Mr. Seymour and Mr. Hunt for all their helpful advice and tools they let me borrow. I would also like to thank my neighbors Joe and Ernie for letting me borrow their tools, which without this project would not have been possible. I'm thankful for all the help I received from my troop members as well as my friends. During my first work party I had help from Tyler Hunt and my parents. My second work party I had help from Huy Nguyen, Henry Gu, and Raymond Kao and my parents.. For my final work party I had help from the Hunt family, my family, Jeffrey Zhang, and Jeffrey Galloway. Finally I would like to thank Hulbert Lumber for their generous discounts, and Dr. Blueford for this opportunity to make a difference in my community.

clearing area leveling and installing

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