Creating Stairs to
 Seasonal Wetland

Bailey  Autenreith
Troop 110, Fremont

My Eagle Project consisted of building a staircase at the seasonal wetlands and removing the old staircase. The project took three days to complete and the steep hillside posed a challenge. Railroad ties were chosen as the staircase material. A curved path was designed to minimize the staircase steepness. For each stair, we needed to dig, level and place each of the railroad ties. Each railroad tie was then secured with rebar. Gravel was then spread around the staircase to control erosion.

             before project                    removing weeds and preparing area

I would like to thank Niles Canyon Railway for generously donating railroad ties and Home Depot for donation materials. Furthermore, I would like to thank the scouts and parents of Troop 110 for volunteering and my mom and dad for help in food and project planning. Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Blueford and Mr. Williams for providing the project and supporting me from start to finish.
                    putting in stairs and trail finishing touches


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