Building bookcases for inside Educational Center
Akshay Nanavati
Troop 111, Fremont

I am Akshay Nanavati, a life scout from Boy Scout Troop 111 and have just completed my Eagle Scout leadership service project for the Math Science Nucleus at Tule Ponds.  With the help of many scouts and high school friends, I built 5 shelves for the visitor center, where they hold classes for kids.  First I had to plan the project, which took 21 hours and began back in April 2008.  Finally the project was completed after 64 man hours of work.  First we had to cut the wood into different parts that made up the shelf itself.  Then, we assembled each shelf by gluing the pieces together, clamping them and letting them dry overnight.  After all the shelves were constructed, we applied one coat of stain.  Then we used L brackets to attach the shelves, and stained the whole thing with Verathane, an oil based finish.  Finally on July 19, 2009 the project was completed and presented to Dr. Blueford at the visitor center at Tule Ponds.



I would like to especially thank Dr. Blueford, who introduced me to this project and my neighbor Mr. Ed Shannon, who provided a lot of the tools used for this project.  I would also like to thank people who came to help me on my workdays, including my dad, Sameer Nanavati, my mom Chaya Nanavati, my two brothers, Amal and Anuj Nanavati, Rahul and Nabarun Sengupta, Alex Chen, Ronak Modi, Carlos Gee, Viraj Reddy, Mihir Jain, Jasleena Kour Sahni, Shyam Patel, Jamie Crocker, and Akhil Sundar, without whom this project would not have been completed.  Furthermore I would like to thank the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, who funded this project, Hulbert Lumber, who gave a generous 50% discount on wood, and Cresco  Rent who kindly offered a 50% discount on the rental of a 12 inch compound miter saw.  Without the time and donations from the people mentioned above, this project would not have been a success. Thank you.

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