Restoring Benches in Butterfly Meadow and Nursery area

Rishi Chandrasekar,
Troop 154 , Fremont


My project involved restoring 6 benches in the Tule Ponds area, which includes replacing old and rotten planks, installing new wood, sanding, and painting the benches. This benefits the community because the garden sees many volunteers every weekend and the old benches were worn out from constant use. These new benches will allow volunteers to rest and admire the garden more safely.

   removing damaged wood cutting new wood pieces

I would like to thank Arya Prince, Shivaji Ganesh, Yash Chanchani, Aadarsh J, Pranav Kunisetty, and Visisht Kakkirala for attending my project workdays. I would also like to thank Chaitanya Palusa, Prince Kumar, and Juvy Kuriakose for contributing to my project through donations.
                                                        sanding wood finished retainer with  view of Tyson Lagoon


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