Making Planter Boxes Behind Classroom

Blake Werner
Troop 125 , Fremont


As you look out the back windows of the Tule Ponds visitor center, you can see the planter boxes built in a neat row along the edge of the path.  These boxes serve a few purposes.  Primarily, the boxes serve as habitat for plants favored by butterflies. They also act as an erosion stop, pedestrian traffic control fence, and as a form of beautification for the area. 


Building the boxes was not easy.  Two main challenges made the construction more difficult than would be initially expected.  The first challenge to be solved was that of the slope upon which the planters were built.  In the end, this entailed both digging out a wedge shaped cut into the dirt, and putting extra boards in the back of the box.  The boxes are made from pressure treated wood to slow the effects of decomposition, but this added another challenge as the chemicals used to treat wood are hazardous when breathed.  This added a bit of complication when cutting and handling the wood.


Despite these challenges, the planters were finished in an acceptable time frame, to an excellent standard.  To this day, they sit out back keeping silent watch over Tule Ponds.


Thanks to all those who helped, including Edric Zheng, Brian Cisto, Jai Tamboli, Zaid Vellani, Arvindh Balaji, Sunjay Kumar, Pranav Kumar, Jayden Gravett, Govind Nainani, Jai Tamboli, Sambhav Mehta, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Gravett, Mrs. Kumar, Mr. Gulati, and my endlessly supportive family: dad, mom, and Claire.

lining up planter boxes


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