Retaining Wall for top Trail over inflow pipes

Khang Doan,
Troop 176, Fremont


My Eagle Project involved building a twenty four foot retaining wall on the eroded trail over the inflow pipes to prevent further erosion, and to create a safer pathway. We also repaired a broken twelve foot section further down the trail, and replaced the planks on the twenty four foot wall adjacent to mine. After obtaining approvals on my proposal, I started to gather the materials and tools needed to build the wall. I pre-drilled the lumber at home (4x4 posts and 2x12 planks), which is held together using bolts, nuts, and washers. On my first workday at Tule Ponds, we were able to dig all the post holes for the retaining wall using post-hole diggers. We then secured each post with concrete. We were also able to change the planks on the other retaining walls. On my next workday, we corrected any gaps on the retaining wall, and raised the trail about six inches, and leveled it with mulch.

   area before starting making holes for retaining wall


I would like to thank Dr. Blueford and Art for the great opportunity to work at Tule Ponds. Dr. Blueford and Art were a great help to me throughout the whole process, and offered valuable insight. I would like to thank my parents and Scoutmaster, Mr. Rommel, for their support as well. I appreciate all the help on workdays from Jonathan, Shan, Chris, Ranvir, Kabir, Vivek, Sattvik, Mr. Wahyudi, Mrs. Prabhala, Mrs. Xavier, and Mrs. Kurani.

                    pouring cement removing planks


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