Building Stairs to Access Tyson Lagoon
Desmond Chee
Troop 176, Fremont

My project was to build a set of steps near Station 9 on the Fault Trail. This project will allow students a safer way to access the lagoon as well as the start of future projects consisting of new trails. A total of 16 steps were built and dangerous vegetation such as sharp pampas grass that inhabited the area was cleared.



Plants and branches as well as a slope with no stability make this area a dangerous place to travel down into.

A fallen tree obstructed the path to the water and had to be cleared.

When I met with Dr. Blueford, she showed me various projects that needed attention. This project caught my attention due to its time frame. My goal was to finish a project before the start of school. However, this project was by no means an easy one. It required lots of labor and planning.



Cutting the railroad ties into 2 feet steps.

Clearing the pampas grass.

This project really helped me to work on my leadership skills. It forced me to plan and organize in an efficient way. I had to email and call people to notify them of my project and get them to come. In addition, I had to give multiple directions to a group of people and divide the different tasks among them. When I was busy or had to run errands, I delegated tasks to other people. Furthermore, sometimes the project did not go according to plan, and thus I had to make quick decisions to find a solution.

 I would like to thank Dr. Joyce Blueford for all her support. I would like to thank all of the people that helped build my project: Rohun Patel, Shrey Patel, Rahul Patel, Sohan Patel, Kevin Jay, Arjun Gupta, Kyle Quock, Erin Kunz, Austin Wong, Brandon Dileanis, Jon Ho, Dickson Tong, Stanford Liew, Ryan Chee, Garrett Omi, Viren Mahkijani, Thomas Narveson, Daniel Chen, Jordan Wong, Matt Trieu, Alex Kunz, Virginia Wong, Leona Jay, Elvina Chee, Maurice Chee.

 I would also like to thank Cresco Xpress Equipment Rental for their support.

Special thanks to Barry Willis, for all his guidance and expertise, as well as lending me tools. Without him, this project would not have been a success.


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