Designing and Building Stairs to Tule House

by Gary Tao
Boy Scout Troop 468, Fremont

The objective of this project is to transform a dirt slope into a set of gradual stairs to the Ohlone Village Area of Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon, supporting the Math/Science Nucleus. This completed project will compliment the works of another Eagle Scout project under Timothy Ho of Troop 468. Together, our projects will beautify a large area of the Tule Ponds grounds and create a safe learning environment for students of the Math/Science Nucleus. This project will meet the Eagle Scout rank requirement number 5 by planning and executing a service project that benefits the community.

Thanks to the following helpers who helped me with my project:

(Students) Kevin Chou, Timothy Ho, Neil Chao, Eric Wen, Alex Hu, Chris Hu, Edward Wu, Jessica Tao, Janren Liu, Jon Ting, David Wang, Jaime Lai

(Adults) John Price, Chi-Shen Ho, Christina Tao, Roy Tsai, Pauli Hseuh, Ching Hu