Stairs from Inactive Hayward Fault to Tyson Lagoon
Jeffrey Davis
Troop 273, Union City


For my Eagle Scout project, I lead my troop in building a staircase made of railroad ties into the hillside from the inactive Hayward Fault down to the trail to Tyson Lagoon. The new staircase replaced an old stump staircase that was falling apart and was unsafe to use. On the first day, we cleared the hillside of vegetation and debris, measured out the spacing for the new steps, dug out the shelves for each step and started laying down the railroad ties.  We also removed the older, rotted stumps in the adjacent area. On the second day of the project, we were able to finish laying down the full set of new stairs. We also filled in the holes left by the removal of the old stump staircase nearby, we leveled and smoothed out the trail below, and we cleared some debris that was blocking the path at the bottom of the stairs. 

The old stump staircase was falling apart The area we needed to clear for the new stairs

Thanks to all the scouts who helped to make my Eagle Scout project a success: Vishal Venkataraman, Scott Suplick, Doug Fry, Suhas Bathini, Rushil Shah, Prajwal Goudar, Ansh Luthra, Ananth Junutula, Arnav Rao, Jean-Luc Herrera, Aarnav Sanghvi, Erik Rygh, Akshat Telkar, and Bhoomika Eraiah. Your hard work, energy, and suggestions were great. I couldn't have done it without you! Also, thanks to the adult leaders Allan Avila, Shona Fry, Sidda Eraiah, Paula Rygh, Mark Rygh, and Geoffry Brown for your advice and guidance throughout my project. I really appreciated your time and input. I would also like to thank Dr. Blueford and Art Williams for making this opportunity available and for supporting my project efforts from start to finish. This was a challenging project and wonderful experience that I will never forget.

We dug shelves and packed the dirt tight for each step

We pried the old stumps out and filled the holes

We made sure each step was level and the right size Finished product: old stump staircase removed (left) and replaced by new staircase to Tyson Lagoon (right)

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