Replacing Damaged Benches and Building a Trellis Structure
James Howard
Troop 103, Fremont

For my Eagle Project I led a group of scouts from my troop in building three benches and a trellis structure.  The benches replaced some old damaged benches and the trellis structure was added to grow grapes on in the future. The completed area can be used as a rest stop along the trail or as a place to sit and admire nature.  The tours for schoolchildren that visit Tule Ponds can use the area as a place to have them sit and teach them about nature.

damaged benches

area before project

The people that worked on my project included my family and many scouts from my troop.  Overall a total of 219 Hours were spent by volunteers on my project.  The people that worked on my project: David Carson, Paul Androwsky, Tim Howard, Jeff Howard, Jason Howard, John Wang, Jack Turner, Mark Huang, Isaac Hung, Ben Carter, Joey Uken, Sean Foo, Seehack Foo, Janis Tipton-King, Ed Prophet, Dennis Dubro, Mike Dubro, Greg Shuflin, Brad Windsor, David Omstead, Daniel Omstead, Mike Kinghorn, Greg Garrison, Cole Berggren, Cory Yang and Robert Dubro.

replacing benches  finishing touches on trellis

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