Making and Installing Mud Swallow Bird Nests

Leo Kao
Troop 132
Fremont, CA

My Eagle Project was to build and assemble sixteen bird boxes for the mud, barn, and cliff swallows. These birds will build their own mud homes once mating season comes in the spring. The bird houses were mounted onto the siding of the facility, onto the fence near Butterfly Garden, and on top of the trellis. On the first day, my group of helpers came to my house’s garage to measure and cut out the pieces of the boxes. The second day involved assembling and painting the boxes and attaching them to different structures at Tyson Lagoon.

In addition, I would like to give special thanks to my following supporters: Dr. Joyce Blueford, Math Science Nucleus, Hulbert Lumber (Newark, CA), Lowes #1132 (Union City, CA), and Home Depot (Union City, CA). Without these major contributors, my project would have not been as successful.

Tracing the templates onto the redwood boards

Assembling the boxes

I would like to thank all my family members, friends, and Troop 132 for their active support that made my project a huge achievement. I am extremely thankful for the following people’s help and support: Shaler Campbell, Vasu Apparao, Venkat Apparao, Mrs. Jenny Chen, Chris Dutton, Michael Dutton, Mr. Florek, Jimmy Florek, Eric Hsu, Wayne Hsu, Mr. Aaron Kao, Ms. Alice Kao, Ricky Karma, Michael Pacheco, Mr. Tony Pacheco, Mr. John Prior, Joshua Robertson, Mr. Robertson, Kevin Stammerjohn, Darren Young, Mr. Doug Young, and Sean Young.


Begin to paint the bird boxes

 Fastening the boxes to the top of the gazebo with wire ties

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