Retaining wall to prevent Erosion along BART Trail

Ishaan Garg,
Troop 199, Fremont

My name is Ishaan Garg and my Eagle Project was a conservation project that took place at Tule Ponds in September 2022. In this project, we built a retaining wall to protect the trails on the side of the pond. First, we carved out a section on the side of the trail to create space for the wall. We used shovels, break-a-bars, and pickaxes to break the dirt. Next, we used an Auger, break-a-bars and post-hole diggers to create 10 inch diameter holes (20 inches deep) into the ground. We poured 3-4 inches of gravel into the ground, then put 3.5 feet long 4x6 posts into the ground. We surrounded the hole with concrete and let it dry for one day. The next day, we came in and drilled the planks (8 feet long) onto the backs of the posts and surrounded the wall with mulch and restored loose dirt. In total, we created a 24 feet long wall that was 2 feet high to protect the trails from eros

   installing wall spreading chips
The volunteers included a plethora of young scouts from Troop 199 along with their parents. Additionally, there were high school volunteers assisting with the heavy lifting of the wood and the intensive sessions with the break-a-bar. Two adults helped use the auger to drill the holes into the ground along with the drilling. I would like to thank the Cresco Tool Rental company for allowing us to borrow the auger as a donation to help out my Eagle Project. Additionally, I would like to thank my family who spent hours on the project alongside me providing food, shoveling dirt, handling the Auger, and helping drill the holes.
                    clearing area digging holes


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