Landscaping Southeast Fence with Shrubs and Trees
at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon

by Timothy Ho
Troop 468

 The goal of this project was to clear a 15 by 40 square foot area filled with shrubs and grass, plant several holly cherry trees, lilies, and South African climbing vines, and cover the entire area with wood chips.  This project will add to the aesthetic look of the Tule Ponds facility and will block the recently constructed Tule House from view of the highway.  All plants were obtained from the nursery and Dr. Blueford’s garden, and the wood chips from Alameda County. 

Special thanks to

(students): Kevin Chou, Gary Tao, Jessica Tao, Chris Hu, Alex Hu, Janren Liu, Jonathan Ting, David Wang, Jaime Lai, Eric Wen, Neil Chao, Edward Wu. 

(adults): Ching Hu, Chi-Shen Ho, Roy Tsai, Pauli Hsueh, John Price, Christina Tao