Retaining wall to prevent Erosion along BART

Daniel Pulikkottil,
Troop 103, Fremont

         For my
For my project, I went to Cresco and got a 2-person auger. I arrived at Tule Ponds early and got some tools from the shed in the back. After I got the tools, the scouts arrived and I took attendance. I then explained what I was planning to finish by the end of the day and I went with the scouts and started working. There was a lunch break at 12 and I stayed behind with a few scouts to work, and I left at 4:30. On the second day, I did the same thing, explaining what to do and how to do it.

   digging the sides assembling retaining wall
On the first day, there were 2 adults including my dad and 7 scouts including me. We all started digging soil, and that was all we did. A few scouts stayed behind and dug a lot more soil with me. On the second day, there were 5 adults including my dad and 11 scouts including me, most of them from the first day. The adults drilled holes in the ground and the scouts assembled the wall. We put the nuts, bolts, and washers into place and poured concrete in the holes.
                    cementing the posts finishing retainer wall


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