Stairs to Tyson Lagoon and Removal of Non Native Blackberries
Aneesh Saha
Troop 153, Fremont

My Eagle Project was to build stairs from the main road to the pond. I had to clear two trees and the 38x 15ft of non native blackberry shrubs. These stairs open the way to the pond. Children will now be able to access the pond from a different location to obtain samples for their classes. I used railroad ties as my steps and iron bars for re-bars. I added a layer of gravel to prevent erosion because during the rainy season, the pondís water will increase dramatically.   

Neel Bhadra cutting down the second tree

Farhan Hormasji, Neel Bhadra, and Akbar Moinuddin clearing the non native Blackberry shrubs

I completed the project in four large steps. First, we rented the chainsaw, and cut down both trees. We then cut the tree into smaller pieces in order to get them to the waste area. Step two; we cleared the non native Blackberry shrubs. Step three, we mapped out the measurements of the stairs and marked our digging areas, and dug the steps. Step four, we cut two railroad ties in half and installed them. We re-barred them and added gravel.

This project would not get completed without the help from my friends. They were very dedicated and hardworking. They put a lot of time and sweat into my project. I would like to thank Neel Bhadra, Akbar Moinuddin, Farhan Hormasji, Aatash Parikh, Shaurin Desai, Armaan Ali, and Sid Bhadra. I want to thank my mom as well for keeping me on schedule. And most of all, a special thank you for Dr. Blueford for being very prompt and helpful for making this project a success.

Farhan Hormasji and Neel Bhadra digging the steps

Sid Bhadra flattening the steps

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